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Bronislav Horns
Bronislav Horns

Mega 2023 13 Cbv ##BEST##

The latest issue TWIC 1481 27th March 2023. American Cup 2023, UK vs UKR Solidarity Match 2023, 23rd European Women's Championship 2023, New Delhi FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2023, FIDE Women's Candidates Final 2023, 20th Delhi Open 2023, Kvisla Invitational 2023, Sharjah Rapid and Blitz 2023, Kyiv Spring 2023, Zonal 4.2 2023, 27th HIT Open 2023, 1000GM LA Spring Splash 2023, 96th ch-St Petersburg 2023, Arandjelovac Open 2023, 271st YMCA Winter A 2023, 270th YMCA Winter B 2023, Titled Tuesday Blitz 21st March 2023, PRO Chess League 2023, 5th Ivy League Challenge 2023, TCh-AUT 2022-23, 60th TCh-DEN ExtraCon 2022-23, Belgian Interclubs 2022-23, ECo-C TCh-CZE 2022-23, Forthcoming Events and Links, in an issue with 5574 games.

Mega 2023 13 cbv

The Big Database 2023 contains more than 9.75 million games from 1560 to 2022 in the highest ChessBase quality standard. From world-class tournaments, youth or senior world championships to amateur open tournaments: with this database, every chess player is comprehensively informed.

Delaney leads a team of over 40 professionals, across three offices in Toronto, London and San Francisco, responsible for investing in Funds & Secondaries in North America and Europe. The group pursues strategies ranging from mega buyouts to early stage venture capital, as well as both LP- and GP-led secondaries. The strategy also includes investing in passive co-investments alongside existing partners. 041b061a72


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