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Owen James

Ice Ice BabiesParadise PD : Season 3 Episode 3 UPDATED

Back at The Crawford House, Karen is absolutely astonished with how much Randall has improved. Thanks to his competence as a father, the house is clean, he's baking cookies, and Hopson is having a play/sex-date with the samurai. Karen believes that Randall is officially ready to become a father again and they get ready to crack open some frozen jizz cubes and get ready for some sex. However, when Randall checks the ice tray, he finds nothing there. Just then, Kevin comes in, drinking a margarita out of the jizz cubes, which have now pretty much melted and become worthless. Randall and Karen but their hands on their hips and playfully scold Kevin for his stupid mistake and the episode ends in the style of a cheesy 70's-80's sit-com.

Ice Ice BabiesParadise PD : Season 3 Episode 3



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