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Swheat Scoop Where To Buy

For best results.Maintain a 3-inch level in the litter box to maximize odor control and make cleanups easy.Easy open & pour spout.To open: push tab in and pull up.To close: tuck tab inside.Fill a clean litter box with three inches of Swheat Scoop litter.For an average size litter box, the contents of this package will do the job. If you're introducing your cat to Swheat Scoop litter, see other side of box.Scoop twice daily.Households with multiple cats require more cleaning (see disposal).Refill as necessary to maintain a three-inch level which prevents clumps from sticking to the bottom of the box. For multiple cats or larger breeds of cats, use a deeper level.Swheat Scoop litter is compatible with automatic litter box devices.Disposal:Clumps and solid waste can either be disposed of in the trash, or safely flushed. To flush, break clumps into smaller pieces and let them soak for 20 minutes before flushing. Never overload the toilet!For landfill-friendly trash disposal, please use a paper bag.California residents - according to CA law AB 2485, encouraging your cat to use an indoor litter box, or properly disposing of outdoor cat feces, is beneficial to overall water quality. Please do not flush cat litter in toilets or dispose of it outdoors in gutters or storm drains.As with any litter, veterinarians recommend changing the litter box completely at least once a month. Entire contents should be disposed of in the trash, not the toilet.As you would with any litter, always wash hands thoroughly after scooping or litter box cleaning. Because cat feces can transmit parasites that cause toxoplasmosis, pregnant women and people with suppressed immune systems should avoid any litter box maintenance.

swheat scoop where to buy


This sWheat Scoop Natural Fast-Clumping Wheat Cat Litter is designed for single cat households and, like the other two recipes, is made entirely from natural materials with no chemicals, dyes, or perfumes. It is still powered by Noble Ion Technology for odor elimination and clumps quickly to ensure that benefit. This formula is very low dust which is a bonus, though some customer reviews comment that it tracks a fair bit. It offers similar clumping action to the other two formulas, with some clumps remaining somewhat soft and breaking apart during scooping.

In testing this formula, we found that the clumping power was a bit stronger than the previous recipes, though some clumps still fell apart in scooping. We also found some litter sticking to the pan when we emptied it.

Cat owners are all too aware of the amount of cat litter (usually clay-based) that is used each year to stock litter boxes. All of the scooped waste and spent litter ends up in landfills, so that aspect is an obvious concern. 041b061a72


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