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Reviews On Mac Makeup Brushes !!HOT!!

The 217S also performs just a little differently than other targeted crease brushes that I would reach for. For example, the Sonia G Classic Crease Brush ($34) gives more definition right in the crease but softens the edges at the same time. The 217S deposits more color than the Sonia G Classic Crease and then more blending is necessary to soften the edges.

Reviews On Mac Makeup Brushes

I'm Nikki, a makeup lover with a passion to help you spend your beauty budget wisely. I'm in my late 30's and I have dry, sensitive eczema-prone skin. My best foundation matches are Estee Lauder 4W4, MAC C8, and NARS Tahoe.

For the shading or blending of powdery or creamy products. This brush has luxuriously soft, densely packed fibres that are arranged in an oval shape. MAC professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. Our 100% synthetic brushes incorporate the latest innovations in fibre technology for superior performance and improved longevity.

First, one common denominator: nearly all of the Sigma Makeup brushes are heavier (the handle being heavier) and thicker/larger in diameter in comparison to MAC brushes. Most of the Sigma Makeup Brushes are also longer.

SS219 vs. MAC 219: The photos do a really good job showing just how different these two brushes are. The SS19 is a fluffy, dome-shaped crease brush, whereas the MAC 219 is more penci-shaped, more pointed and less domed, and it is much tighter/compact and not nearly as fluffy. I find that both are good to have on hand, but the SS219 is not like the MAC 219. Just think of them as two different brushes entirely! The SS219 is also over an inch longer than the MAC 219.

The weight of the Sigma brushes seem heavier than the MAC brushes overall, and the difference is more noticeable in the face brushes, just because the handles are significantly thicker. Nearly all of the Sigma brushes are longer than MAC brushes.

We appreciate enthusiasm for new releases but ask readers to please hold questions regarding if/when a review will be posted as we can't commit to or guarantee product reviews. We don't want to set expectations and then disappoint readers as even products that are swatched don't always end up being reviewed due to time constraints and changes in priorities! Thank you for understanding!

I have the sigma 12 piece set and i really love most of the brushes apart from a few.187- I hate it really scratchy and floppy194- Didnt blend my concealer just made it streaky190- Same as 194 made my foundation streaky.

Great, thorough comparison! I was really tempted to purchase the Sigma brushes, but after reading your review, I have opted not to. I think the MAC brushes are definitely worth the money and, they also looks a bit better than the Sigma brushes. Seems like MAC brushes will last more longer.

I was wondering where these Sigma bruses are made in (China?) and are they all synthetic?. I know MAC brushes are made in Japan (at least the ones I own), and some are made with real hair (such as goat and whatnot).

Incredible review and thank you so much for the many photographic angles and comparisons. I always appreciate how realistic your reviews are and that you take many factors like price and relative quality under consideration. ^_^ I feel informed!!! =)

I agree that MAC is not the be all, end all of brushes but I have heard that the MAC brush sets are not as good as the singles. This is why I never bought the sets even though they are a much better deal than buying each individual brush.

Thanks for the review! I love brushes and have so many of them. Brushes can last for a very long time. My cheap Target brushes I bought close to 10 years ago are still working fine for me. I guess if you have money, spending a bit extra on the brushes is a good way to go as they last long, as long as you take good care of them.

This review is awesome!i just bought the sigma travel set in pink 2 weeks ago, used it couple of times, i know the travel set brushes are smaller; but even though they are good for travelling not as good as mac! i have a lot of mac brushes & im always scared to take them while travelling, just incase i lose them! i dont think i would ever buy full size sigma brushes, im happy with mac brushes even though they are so expensive they are soo worth it.

Wow, thanks Christine for the reviews. I have seen so many people raving about Sigma brushes, so I wondered what they were like. I am a makeup artist, so even a little difference makes a whole lot of difference to application, speed, etc. MAC brushes are not the best, but all my favorite brushes are from MAC and I cannot live without them.

I had no idea Chanel or other higher brands made nice brushes! xDMAC brushes? The usual 239, 217, 219, 188, 187, 231.I prefer MUFE HD brushes over MAC though. They are softer and the sizes are just right for what I need ?

The Beauty Look Book utilizes some affiliate links which may generate a small commission from clicks that result in a purchase. Press samples are occasionally sent to me for review consideration. Posts and reviews that feature press samples are disclosed. For more information refer to the FAQ section.

I was lucky enough to get the 182 Buffer Brush as a Christmas gift from my beautiful and talented sister-in-law, who is a MAC makeup artist. The brush has a short, fat handle and a full dome made out of goat hair bristles.

Start by sweeping a neutral shade over your lids with a medium brush, then take a darker color and apply it to the inner corners of your eyelids using a smaller brush. Next, apply a lighter shadow above the crease and up toward your brow bone, then finish by blending everything with a soft medium-to-large brush."}},"@type": "Question","name": "How do you clean eyeshadow brushes?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Add a few drops of dish soap or mild shampoo to a large bowl or sink with lukewarm water, then dip the brush heads into the soapy solution, gently massaging the bristles with your fingers. Rinse your brushes with cold water and squeeze out any moisture using a clean towel, then form the brush heads back into their original shape before allowing them to air dry.","@type": "Question","name": "What eyeshadow brushes do you use with cream shadow?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Brushes with synthetic bristles are best for cream eyeshadows since they are less absorbent and easier to clean. Additionally, options with denser bristles are better for blending cream formulas, as the product is less likely to get stuck in the fibers."]}]}] CONFIDENCE, COMMUNITY, AND JOY

Add a few drops of dish soap or mild shampoo to a large bowl or sink with lukewarm water, then dip the brush heads into the soapy solution, gently massaging the bristles with your fingers. Rinse your brushes with cold water and squeeze out any moisture using a clean towel, then form the brush heads back into their original shape before allowing them to air dry.

Something strange is coming into the beauty world. MAC Cosmetics teamed up with Netflix for a new limited-edition "Stranger Things"-inspired makeup collection. The product line is inspired by the two "Stranger Things" universes, the Human World and the Underworld, with exclusive packing representing each one. With season four hitting our screens on May 27, we're ready to explore the Upside Down and take on any Demogorgon with our lip glosses, palettes, and brushes in hand.

The MAC Cosmetics x "Stranger Things" collection features six new Lipglass shades, two new powder blush shades, two makeup brushes, and two new eyeshadow palettes. The Human World collection has a light and bright '80s feel, with preppy pink tones, vibrant pops of color, and Hawkins High-inspired packaging. The Underworld collection is bold and gothic, with an array of darker shades, cooler tones, and Upside Down-inspired packaging. In the show, the worlds are stark contrasts to each other. However, these two lineups actually complement each other, so you can mix, match, and get creative for your ideal look.

Although there are a lot of great makeup brush brands out there, I do believe that MAC has some staples that every beauty lover should have in his or her collection. I only have a handful of makeup brushes from MAC, but my collection is steadily growing, and out of the ones I own right now four of them are staples that I cannot live without. So, here are my MAC makeup brush essentials.

109 ($35) This is another contour brush, but it is the small contour brush. Regardless of the name, I like to use this with powder blush because I find it small enough to really apply your blush where you want it, and it is so soft that it blends out product very easily. You could use this as a contour brush since it is small enough to place product in the hollows of your cheeks, but I find it works better for blush for me. Blush brushes tend to be very large, which means you get blush all over your face so this is the perfect size for precise placement.


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