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Symantec Norton Ghost 15 Boot Cd Iso Download

I have a disk image (ghost) of the disk need to be restored, and believe the ghost.exe should run from bootable USB with DOS, but I can't seem to create it. My laptop does not have a a cd-rom or floppy drive.I managed to find a Ghost utility that I could load from a bootable USB drive. Unfortunately, when I plug in my NTFS external drive (USB), it is not detected.

Symantec Norton Ghost 15 Boot Cd Iso Download

Download File:

How about give it a try? First download and install it on your computer and then follow the steps below to create bootable USB as well as create image backup. Please remember to backup your USB drive in advance, because it will erase all the data.

BACKGROUND: When I recommend to a client that they should use Norton Ghost 15 as a Backup and Restore solution, I stress the value of being able to restore files or a complete image from within the RE should it not be possible to boot the computer. In order to prevent my client losing money by buying first and coming unstuck later, I always download and install a 30 day NG15 free trial first. Once this is set up and working, I download the free Symantec Recovery Disk .iso file and create a Recovery Disk from this. I then test the SRD to see if it will work in the RE should it ever be needed. If it does, then the client purchases a full retail edition of NG15 in order to obtain an Activation Code using which his trial can be converted to the full product. This seems common sense to me, everyone is happy, and Symantec gets the sale. If the SRD will not work in the RE I troubleshoot the issue and, if I cannot overcome the issue, sadly recommend a different product.

Diskpart will give the flash drive the proper nt60 boot sector already. You don't need it for such a small drive and without the file system overhead and reserved space it's going to work a little faster. Later, I got tired of all the extra folders on the card and the boot that it could only boot Ghost so I made the card bootable with Grub. It was nice how I was able to use some of the older tools I have purchased in the past and get a second life out of them without having to spend a lot of money on a netbook. I'm not ghost if it's from making it active or just from making a primary on a blank drive but it always ends up with the nt60 boot sector when done in Vista or Windows 7.


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