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I would personally not worry about it until theres big enough of a push from the so called industry standard though. If the people who are pushing that 60fps thing would instead focus on high frame-rates, I would be in favor of it being the standard. Such as, a game being something like 60fps with dropping frames when a car is accelerating for example.

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And, the feeling of reality is just something thats subjective. I think that 60fps is better. If theres a way to use less resources, game-wise, and have a better feel of reality, I would use it. If I was in the game and I walked around and looked at the world, and when I raised my hand and it was in the scene, it was moving to the same thing it is supposed to be in the game. It should have that exact same feel of realism.

30fps and even 25fps are the standard for any game these days. But, a game like Need for Speed Rivals, The next installment of Need for Speed, is lacking that kind of thing, like a higher resolution, and also has a problem with the stuttery frame rate.

A few of the performance issues for Xbox are with EA though. Have you tried this in Origin before and it didn't work for you? I have yet to actually play the game in-game on Xbox, but my friend has confirmed that the game has the same performance issues as NFS Rivals on PC. At least NFS Downloadable content is available to use on Xbox now (I'm sure they'll catch up to it in a year or two). You could try downloading the add-on content and making sure it's working on Xbox, but it also seems to be working on PC. The 3.4.3 build is the most up-to-date downloadable content for Xbox though (and it's the base of the PC version). I'm curious as to what your computer is and what GPU you're using. I have an i5 at 2.4 GHz, an NVIDIA GTX 660 graphics card, and about 8 GB of RAM on my PC. I'm curious as to what your experience is like with the game.


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