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How To Buy Cars At Auction

The Auto Auction of Baltimore has returned to regular auction days and times. We will be following all CDC/Covid and State of Maryland guidelines. Auctions will be held every Wednesday 6:30 PM and Saturday 10:30 AM. Preview will begin 1 hours prior to the auction. Prices are unbelievable and all cars are guaranteed. Hope to see you here.

how to buy cars at auction

There are two main types of car auctions in the United States: dealer car auctions and public car auctions. Dealer auctions are only open to licensed dealers, while public auctions are open to anyone.

Public auctions are usually divided into government, police car auctions, and wholesale car auctions. You will find city and county police cars, bikes, buses, and utility vehicles at the police car auctions whereas a wholesale auction will have used cars from dealer trade-ins, bank repo cars, for sale by owner cars, and various other sources.

Dealer auctions require a license because of the vehicles being sold at wholesale prices with exclusive access to dealers. However, there are occasions where online platforms allow public access to these exclusive auctions. It is also possible for public buyers to buy an auction car online at a free public car auction.

Auctions often enable you to attend in person or online and each vehicle is typically assigned a number and displayed in a catalog, giving a brief description. Cars for sale at Illinois auctions come from local car dealerships, banks, private owners, donation vehicles, police auctions, and more.

When the auction begins, the first car will be driven onto the auction area and its number will be called out. The auctioneer will then start the bidding at a predetermined price. People will then be able to bid on the car and if they are the highest bidder, the car is theirs to take away once payment is taken and documentation exchanged.

This varies by location but most will accept cash or major credit cards. Checks are typically not accepted, and it they are, you may be required to leave the car at the auction until your check has cleared the bank.

Public auctions in Chicago and around Illinois do not sell flood damaged or salvage vehicles. You can always use your smartphone to run an online check of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the car you are interested in. These reports will tell you the history of the car.

Some locations will allow you to make an offer and buy a car from the lot without having to bid in the auction. If this interests you, be sure to contact the auction first to verify their policies on this.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other federal agencies list vehicles for auction at GTB Vehicle Remarketing. These vehicles are for sale "as is" and may need extensive repairs. They must be towed from the site. They should not be considered safe for driving until checked by a licensed mechanic.

Each auction website operates differently. In some cases, the government agency itself runs the auctions. In other cases, the agency operates the shopping site, but a third-party company handles the auction itself.

Find out what forms of payment auctions accept. There is no uniform payment policy across all the different auctions. Some auctions accept credit card payments or personal checks. Others, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), don't accept either of these. Most auctions accept cashier's checks.

For real estate auctions, you may need to work with a broker or real estate agent to bid or make the purchase. Also, for real estate auctions, find out if financing is permitted. Many times it is not and the full purchase price is due when you win the bid.

By law, vehicles are held for 14 days prior to going to public auction (giving state agencies and municipalities the opportunity to purchase the vehicle). Once this time period has elapsed, surplus state vehicles will be made available to the public via an online auction. The vehicle auctions begin and end on Wednesdays at 6:00pm.

California Highway Patrol Vehicle Sales are now listed on or use the QR code below. To participate in the auction, please carefully review the items listed on the auction page and follow the instructions for

Failure to adhere to any of these rules will result in for forfeiture of your deposit and being banned from any future auctions. Some exceptions to these rules occur at a GSA (Government) Sale. Contact us for more details.

At Carolina Auto Auction we have a special relationship with our dealers. We provide a superior customer experience for everyone who walks through our doors. CAA is a part of a larger auction group owned by Henry and Patty Stanley, and led by their son Eric Autenrieth. We are conveniently located on I-85 midway between Atlanta and Charlotte, and we service customers throughout the United States with a full offering of Dealer Consignment, Fleet, Lease, Daily Rental, Insurance, and Financial Institution vehicles.

Carolina Auto Auction is a dealer-only auction. If you are a registered automobile dealer, you're invited to attend our weekly Wednesday auctions that start at 9:00am. If you have questions about your dealer status or eligibility, please contact us.

Carolina Auto Auction is a part of the Stanley Autenrieth Auction Group, which is the larger auction group owned by Henry and Patty Stanley and led by their son Eric Autenrieth. CAA's sister auction is Indiana Auto Auction located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Every dealer wants to have the best source to add stock to their inventory. Wholesale auctions allow them to find vehicles that are not available at conventional auto sales events where prices are different, and the competition is really big. The potential profit from a trade-in is bigger with wholesale auto sales.

The processes and trends related to wholesale auctions are not exactly on track since the beginning of 2020. The reason is obvious: the COVID-19 pandemic caused substantial damage to a lot of business sectors, including car sales.

Nobody wants to have cars in stock that are hard to sell. The price levels might go down as we speak, or they could remain at the same level. Since dealers are used to monitoring the situation day by day, the unreliable information they have on their disposal today is no good to them. Buyers would be happy to notice better deals are waiting for them.

The other key ingredient is the network of dealer contacts the biggest wholesalers have at their disposal. Sometimes, the auctioned vehicles are directly transferred from one dealer to another via the wholesale lot platform.

The wholesale auto auction world is changing because of the ease of access to all kinds of information we take for granted today. One could easily use the information found online to make a good offer or to finish a negotiation successfully.

When online auctions were introduced, everyone involved greatly benefitted from technology. The time-consuming and costly process of physically bringing your car to auction and hoping that you could sell it to someone from the limited group of buyers present is something from the past.

There are other ways in which technology has impacted wholesale car auctions as well. The online platforms supporting huge car databases, for example, are of great service to both dealers and independent buyers.

Regardless of whether you are a dealer, intending to buy or sell a vehicle at a wholesale car auction, or you want to use the broker services of a dealer, there are things you should consider doing before even thinking about bidding.

Dealers have the option to buy a warranty covering the first 14 days after purchase. This is a good way for the buyer to be sure they will get what they paid for. Even if the actual seller is present at the auction, you still buy their vehicle through the auction system.

Keep in mind that vehicles are auctioned for less than a minute, so you need to be quick. Experienced dealers are usually good bidders, and they could make the final bid on your behalf in case you appointed one as your broker.

If an online wholesale auto auction allows, you should register as a buyer. Most of the big wholesale auctions, however, are accessible only by dealers and require having the relevant license. As we already mentioned, you could use them as your broker. Having a license is a great way to access the lowest offers and other advantages.

Next, make sure you stick to your budget. Never bid when emotional as it could result in an unpleasant loss. If you decide to use a specialized online wholesale auto auction, you could avoid placing a high bid by setting the maximum and seeing what happens next. Here is a reminder: the final price of the car includes fees and taxes, meaning that the cost of ownership must be evaluated.

Any vehicle listed may be released or withdrawn from the auction by the order of a court competent jurisdiction or for administrative reasons at the sole discretion of the Parking Authority. Any vehicle not sold may be auctioned at a future date.

You may be wondering why you should purchase your next car from a Georgia car auction instead of a car dealership in the area. We believe the answer is easy. You could save money on your next car purchase by choosing one of the many auction cars in the Carolinas area. Car auctions offer a fast and efficient way to purchase used auction cars.

1) Consult the car auction site catalog to decide which cars for auction interest you. Try to determine your maximum bid before entering the car auction houses. You can look at the blue book value for a car to prepare for bidding at the car auction. Remember researching prior to the day of the car auto auction will help give you an advantage!

4) Decide prior to the car auction to stick within your budget. You can still enjoy the competition that a Carolina car auction provides without paying more than you had intended. Stay out of car bidding wars and you will surely enjoy the Georgia auction car that you purchase. 041b061a72


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