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Bronislav Horns
Bronislav Horns

[S2E16] Fractured

Meanwhile, Wernhart had seen to the wounded and fallen. Etelka, Ernst and Saskia were dead; Cirina was unconscious and had a badly fractured shinbone; while Kaspar, like a few of the adventurers, was only lightly wounded. After a quick round of first aid, Kaspar and Cirina were taken prisoner for the moment; Kaspar, at least, seemed cooperative and not particularly upset about the death of his employer.

[S2E16] Fractured

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Jack Donnelly comes to visit his buddy Stabler at desk duty and tells him he was the one who requested Stabler be transferred to Darnell's precinct so they could hang. He pulls Stabler away from his paperwork to drive the wrong way down one-way streets on some shady stop-and-frisk business. Stabler asks Jack about the drugs; he says their in with the Marcy Killers is a little fractured following last week's disrupted trust but he points out other regulars on the streets he sells to. He draws the line at human trafficking, though, as he has daughters himself. Donnelly promises him an even more enlightening ride tomorrow. 041b061a72


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