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Bronislav Horns
Bronislav Horns

Download Oracle 8i Setup For Windows Xp !LINK!

If you downloaded the Oracle9i from Oracle Technet, then you need to unzip the files into a three temporary directories and double click on the setup.exe program in the Disk1 directory) to get the installation process started.

download oracle 8i setup for windows xp

i have setup oracle9i,but am enable to setp with internet.i have tried at cmd prompt but there is no to connect again & after closing the sql editor the instance-> configuration-> shutdown radio button is clicked. am not getting the details of instance information.please help me out. thank u for valuable information.

I need to use SQL LOADER to perform some heavy loading. I decided to download the instant client to see if I can save some time while my oracle client installation requests takes ages to go through approvals.


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