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[S1E2] One Of Us Is Grieving

Even though he's grieving the nation's loss, Churchill knows this is an important moment for him. If he botches his eulogy, which is being broadcast to the nation, that's the end of him. The pressure is on and he struggles to write, but then his wife tells him about Anthony's meeting with a king. And, that's what re-ignites Churchill's spirit, and he delivers a poignant and inspiring address. That's what he needed: an opponent. In the premiere, Anthony joked that Churchill still thought he was the father of the nation and was at war, and then here Churchill tells a young aid that he is a monster because that's what he needed to be to defeat Hitler. Like Hitler, the threat of his protégé trying to usurp his power brings out the best in him again. Pairing Churchill's eulogy with Elizabeth taking her first steps into her new position is powerful, especially because of the score, which never overpowers the action on screen or Churchill's words about the future.

[S1E2] One of Us Is Grieving

Emily, accompanied by E.B. and Della (Juliet Rylance), is dealing with the funeral arrangements for Charlie... well, she's supposed to be doing that, but as a grieving mother she simply isn't capable of handling it, and Della takes her away to a diner for some food.

Inside the Landry Barn, Kat takes a moment to herself. Elliot interrupts. Kat asks him if he knew about the memorial. Elliot consoles her as she is still grieving Jacob, a wound made fresh since returning home.

The number one docuseries on the platform as of December 6, 2022 is Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields. In the documentary, an overgrown field and a stretch of highway connect a series of grisly murders spanning several decades as grieving families search for answers.

The next day, Lucifer visits Chloe at home and asks her about her history with Nick, but she kicks him out. Undeterred, Lucifer visits Nick in his holding cell, hoping to learn "sexy salacious details" but instead is told Nick had crashed Chloe's father's funeral two weeks after the release of her movie, in order to get a shot of the new starlet grieving. She punched his camera, cracking the lens.

The holiday season can be looked upon with dread for those that are grieving. Julie Brown, supportive care counsellor, offers her thoughts on grief and the holidays and invites you to participate in Hospice Peterborough's holiday event.

The group discusses navigating the holidays when you are grieving. It can be a particularly hard time of year some may be dreading. The team discuss giving space and conversation to your grief through this season.

Meanwhile, Maarva searches for B2EMO at her home. While searching Andor's room, she finds an improvised staff from his childhood days. Back in the past, the Kenari female leader approaches the wrecked starship. She checks the body of a fallen yellow-skinned humanoid crew member and then approaches the ship's docking ring. She finds a second crew member's body lying by the entrance. The man's white jumpsuit has a Separatist symbol on it. One of the crew members stirs and shoots the female Kenari leader with his blaster. The tribe retaliate by firing darts until he falls to the ground. The grieving adolescents and children carry their fallen leader home. However, Andor stays behind and explores the starship.

It is not know what relationship, if any, the two had in Escalante, but Dolores recalls her, smiling at her, both of them walking freely around the town while other hosts are being trained. During the massacre that followed, as instigated by Arnold, Angela is seen grieving hugely over a young dapper male host who has been killed, before she herself is killed by Teddy.

While she initially appears to be just Harkin's grieving widow, Keenan sends one of his men to kill her as he believes that she was somehow involved in his kidnapping, and later on, she secretly meets up with Jackie Twomey, presumably to discuss something related to murders and the attempt on her life. 041b061a72


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