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The "Nutcracker" tournament 2020 took place in the Moscow Central Chess Club, divided into one part of standard chess (rated twice) and one in rapid chess. Four "kings of chess" met four "princes", the young players. Alexei Shirov, Boris Gelfand, Evgeny Tomashevsky and Evgeny Najer vs. Andrey Esipenko, Semyon Lomasov, Alexey Sarana and Daniil Yuffa.

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With an equal score of 16:16, the games continued to the last part of the tournament, being rapid chess. After a balanced first round, the veterans ultimately had the upper hand. Boris Gelfand made sure of this with 6/8 in rapid chess. The Israeli World Championship finalist from 2012 highlighted the performance explosion of "Prince" Andrey Esipenko. His gameplay had continuously developed since his first participation in the nutcracker tournament, and he is almost playing like a "2700" now.


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