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How To Make A Zipit Zipper Bag

Make this small pouch with just a zipper and a ribbon! With the zipper open, it's just a flat, long thing, but by closing the zipper, it zips itself up to form a pouch. Choose a colorful ribbon for a cute pouch, and (optional) finish the inside with second ribbon for a smooth look.

How To Make A Zipit Zipper Bag

The idea of this next step is that the remainder of the ribbon (that in the last step was laid out to the right, not touching the zipper), curves around the base of the zipper. This is best sewn by hand.

ZIPIT Large Shoulder Bag is ideal for toting larger items to the gym, school or around town. There's plenty of room in the main compartment for gym shoes, workout clothing and accessories. The zippered top allows you to store your items securely while the branded zipper pull lets you open and close the bag with ease.

This stylish, oversized shoulder bag measures 16.5 inches (42 CM) in length, 13 inches (33 CM) in height, and 1.6 inches (4 CM) in depth. It is a unique accessory made using one long zipper that can be fully zipped or unzipped. The fun design, breathability and sturdy construction makes it the perfect tote bag for:

This medium sized tote bag is just the right size for carrying all your essentials when you're on the go. Best of all it shows the fun zipper design that's turning ZIPIT into a must have brand! It is made of one long zipper that transforms into a lightweight mid-size purse.

Made using one long zipper, our Clear Monster Pouch will quickly become your favorite way to tote all your essentials. Bright eyes on the outside of the case are complemented by white teeth just inside the extra wide zippered opening. The transparent feature is great during exam time making it super easy to locate a specific item without breaking a sweat.

Measuring 8.66''x0.79''x3.94'' / 22x2x10cm, this pencil pouch is roomy enough to hold a variety of items. The sturdy, TPU construction will give you years of practical use. The premium colored zipper opens and closes with ease, and is finished with a branded zipper pull. Use this pencil case to hold:

The ZipIt Essentials Zipper Case is the perfect pouch for securing your stitching supplies on the go! Ideal for keeping your Sashiko, English Paper Piecing and other handwork supplies organized for traveling with your stitch work. Also works great as a pencil case (and can hold up to 60 pens/pencils) or a make-up case!


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